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Email Scam Alert

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Several MTA customers have received suspicious-looking emails requesting updated account info or updated payment details. Please delete these emails.

Here are a few tips for recognizing spam or malicious emails:

  • Company logos appear distorted.
  • The origination email is not the company address (i.e. official MTA communications will only include addresses ending in; or
  • Grammar is very poor and words are often spelled incorrectly.
  • The requests for information come suddenly without reason.
  • MTA will never ask for personal information via email. 
  • Never open an attachment, unless you’re expecting one regardless
  • Contact our tech support center at 745-6821 or 694-6821 if you have additional questions.

MTA 2017 Annual Meeting Election Results and Awards

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Catherine Fosselman and Nicholas Begich were elected to the MTA Board and Awards Presented

MTA conducted its Annual Meeting and Technology Showcase on Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at the Alaska State Fairgrounds in Palmer. Throughout the day, hundreds of people participated in the opportunity to experience MTA’s latest technology, visit with MTA’s spokesperson, four time Iditarod champion Martin Buser, and hear from CEO Michael Burke on his vision for the future and the Cooperative’s recent successes. Mr. Burke told the audience MTA is an innovative company and continues to change and evolve in a highly competitive market to meet the needs of its members.

In keeping with MTA’s mission of being a forward thinking cooperative and supporting the community, college scholarship recipients were announced during the evening. The scholarships are funded through unclaimed capital credits. MTA recognized graduating seniors and continuing education students who received over $52,500 in MTA Foundation scholarships and over $4,000 in scholarships from the Alaska Telephone Association (ATA). MTA and ATA College Scholarship recipients announced were Kyle Anderson, Braden Bowker, Clare Cook, Brian Jensen, Sierra Kistler, Madeline Ko, Delaney Mitchell, Victoria Nelson, Nathaniel Savel, Yelena Sinyawski, Hilary Stark, Terrel Watson, Marlea Weaver, Ruby Woodings and Josi Zugg. Earl Lackey a former board member who had been elected nine times and served on the Board for over twenty-one years was recognized with the establishment of a new $5,000 Career and Technical Education scholarship in his honor.

During the business meeting, two directors were elected to serve on the MTA Board. Winning a 3-year seat was incumbent Catherine Fosselman with 2,224 votes. Winning a 2-year term with 1,816 votes was Nicholas Begich. Joseph Davis also received 1,353 votes. As decided by a special Board meeting immediately following the election, Catherine Fosselman will serve as the Chief Governance Officer of the MTA Board and Roxie Mayberry will serve as Secretary of the Board. Rounding out the five person Board is George Trabits, Larry Wiget and Nicholas Begich.

MTA is the leading broadband technology company empowering its member-owners to live a connected life. MTA will continue to pioneer economic development providing the infrastructure necessary for its communities to thrive and grow together well into the future. The MTA service area covers over 10,000 square miles and spans the area from Eagle River to Clear Air Force Base. MTA contributes tens of millions of dollars into the communities it serves and has over 360 employees.