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Earthquake Update

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Currently, MTA is assessing any possible damage to our network and will make any necessary repairs when it’s safe for employees.

All systems indicate that MTA customers are able to access our internet and landline network.

MTA stores in Eagle River and Wasilla will be closed Friday and Saturday.

MTA will provide any updates as more information becomes available.

Thomas Newman Fills Vacant Seat On MTA’s Board

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Palmer, Alaska – November 7, 2018The Board of Directors of Matanuska Telephone Association, Inc., (MTA) has selected Thomas Newman to fill a vacant seat on its Board. Previous MTA Board Director George Trabits resigned to pursue business opportunities.

Mr. Newman’s professional experience includes surveying on and offshore, software development, project management and corporate management. As a founder and leader of TerraSond Limited, he has grown the company from three partners and a few part-time staff working solely in Alaska to a multinational company that has performed projects in twenty-eight countries, with offices in several U.S. states and foreign subsidiaries.

Mr. Newman has direct experience with a wide variety of technology for both land and marine surveys and has incorporated the latest technology available through three decades for surveying, positioning vessels at sea, and measuring the depth and character of the ocean.

Mr. Newman has a Master of Business Administration from the University of Washington; a Bachelor of Science from the University of Alaska and an Associate of Applied Science from Anchorage Community College.

The MTA Board of Directors is pleased to add Mr. Newman’s expertise, professional experience and commitment to community to the Cooperative’s leadership.

Other members of MTA’s Board are Catherine Fosselman, Chief Governance Officer; Roxie Mayberry, Secretary; Nicholas Begich III, Director; and Larry Wiget, Director.

About MTA

Established in 1953 as a 100 percent locally owned and operated Alaskan cooperative, MTA is Alaska’s best choice for technology and communications products. As a key player in the economy of Southcentral Alaska, MTA provides residential and business technology solutions to empower member-owners and patrons to live a connected life. Today, MTA remains as one of the largest technology co-ops in the U.S. For more information, visit or connect with MTA on Facebook.

Alert MTA Members

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Scammers are spoofing the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) 1-800 customer service number to try to get personal information.

Here’s how it works: Your phone rings. Your caller ID shows that it’s the SSA calling from 1-800-772-1213. The caller says he/she works for the Social Security Administration and needs your personal information – like your Social Security number – to increase your benefits payments. (Or they threatens to cut off your benefits if you don’t give the information.)

According to the FTC, 1-800-772-1213 is the SSA’s real phone number, but the scammers on the phone are spoofing the number to make the call look real.

The FTC offers the following tips to combat this latest scam:

If you get one of these calls, Hang up!

The SSA will not threaten you. Real SSA employees will never threaten you to get personal information. They also won’t promise to increase your benefits in exchange for information. If they do, it’s a scam.

If you have any doubt, hang up and call SSA directly. If you dial the number, you know who you’re getting. If a call comes in from that number, you can’t be sure it’s really Social Security Administration calling.

If you get a spoofed call, report it. If someone calls, claiming to be from SSA and asking for information like your Social Security number, report it to SSA’s Office of Inspector General at 1-800-269-0271 or

You can also report these calls to the FTC at

Back to School Tech Pack Giveaway Details

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We’re hosting an exciting giveaway at our Wasilla and Eagle River retail locations: our Back to School Tech Pack Giveaway! From now until August 4th, you can enter to win an exciting pack of tech goodies, including a Dell 2-in-1 Laptop, a Fitbit, a $100 Target Gift Card, and more. We hope to see you enter at either retail location, and if you have any questions about what’s included, rules or restrictions, please see below:

Back to School Tech Pack Giveaway Details

  • One Tech Pack will be given away for each location
  • You do not need to be present to win
  • You do not need to be a current MTA Customer to enter
  • You do not need to have a student in the home to enter
  • You must enter at the Wasilla or Eagle River retail locations in person
  • The Tech Pack includes:
    • Dell 2-in-1 Laptop ($800 value)
    • $100 Target Gift Card
    • Fitbit II
    • Office 365 – one year subscription
    • Bluetooth Wireless Speakers
    • Smart Alarm Clock/Charging Station
    • 3 Months Unlimited Internet (non-transferrable, only for MTA customers)

Incumbents Roxie Mayberry and Larry Wiget Retain MTA Board Seats

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In big news from last week’s MTA Annual Membership Meeting & Tech Show, incumbents Roxie Mayberry and Larry Wiget maintained their positions on the MTA board as part of the board elections at the event. Read more about the news and the event in this article from the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman.

MTA’s position on Net Neutrality

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The net neutrality rule rollback, approved by the FCC back in December 2017, took effect Monday, June 11th. MTA supports a regulatory environment that spurs the investment and innovation necessary to empower the growth of the Internet.

MTA’s position remains the same. MTA is committed to providing an open Internet experience for our members.

MTA will not throttle or prioritize content, or otherwise make any changes to our current policies and practices on how our customers can access and utilize the Internet as a result of the FCC’s actions.

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