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As a 100% wholly-owned co-op, MTA is committed to giving back to the communities we serve.

MTA is Your Local Technology Leader and Internet Provider

MTA Headquarters Fiber
MTA Headquarters
Palmer, Alaska

Our Mission

To be Alaska's beacon of connectivity.

As a progressive cooperative tuned to our members' evolving needs, MTA is on a quest to be more than just Alaska's leading technology provider. We strive to be the guiding light in connectivity, inspiring our member-owners and patrons to thrive in a digitally connected world. We champion innovation and cultivate a family of dedicated employees, with a focus on the betterment of our community at the heart of our operations. Our mission transcends traditional service boundaries; we strive to uplift communities, value diversity, and respect the individuality of each member. We are committed to fostering economic progress by equipping our communities with the advanced technological tools necessary for their growth. MTA stands not merely as a provider but as a steadfast partner to our communities, fueling tangible growth, impactful results, and continual innovation.

Our Vision

Empowering Alaska's communities to thrive in a connected world.

As Alaska’s premier provider of technology and communication solutions, we are an integral player in the economy of South-Central Alaska. Our dedicated team endeavors to provide unrivaled service and quality to our members, always with an eye to the future and the next technological horizon. In our interconnected world, every facet of our communities - from business and education to healthcare and entertainment - relies on our innovative digital infrastructure. At MTA, our ambition is not just to connect our communities but to embolden them, crafting a forward-looking landscape where technology, integrity, and compassion harmoniously intertwine. Together, we are forging a path to a sustainable and unified future, where every Alaskan is empowered to thrive in this globally connected era.

Our Values

Community. Innovation. Integrity.

Our community is our cornerstone - as a locally-owned cooperative, we have a deep-seated interest in the growth and success of our members and the areas we serve. We nurture a culture of innovation, encouraging fresh thinking and new ideas that elevate our services and distinguish us in the technology landscape. Our dedication to integrity is unwavering, reflecting our commitment to do right by our customers, employees, and communities. Our values drive us forward, fostering the strong bonds that connect our diverse community, fueling the innovation that keeps us at the forefront of technology, and upholding the integrity that ensures our member-owners can trust and rely on us. At MTA, we don't just connect people to technology; we create a meaningful, powerful, and thriving interconnected Alaska.

Our Leadership Pledge

I invite you to read the full pledge by clicking below. By creating a positive feedback loop, we encourage continuous improvement, trust, and transparency. Together, we will shape a culture that resonates with all of us. Thank you for being part of this journey. Your dedication, hard work, and passion for our mission are what make MTA the thriving organization it is today. Let us move forward, united by our pledge, driven by our vision, and inspired by our shared purpose.

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Meet the five local individuals who make up the MTA Board of Directors.

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MTA Foundation

To demonstrate its ongoing commitment to the community, the MTA Foundation awards a range of scholarships to support students through an education honing their technological, business, and entrepreneurial skills through our annual scholarship program.

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