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Live with “home phone peace of mind”

If you simply need a home phone line without all the bells and whistles, start chatting away from just $13.99 per month*.

Home Phone

When you want to make a call, MTA is there. You can keep it simple with just local calling, or get all of the phone features we offer, including unlimited and domestic long distance. MTA offers you everything you need in a home phone.

While cell phones dominate our world, a good home phone is still important, too.


Why get a home phone?

  • Trust that there’s always a connection to call out – for babysitters, children and the elderly.
  • Rest assured that 911/E911 service will have immediate access to your address – allowing for a faster emergency response. This also enables a local 911 dispatcher to call you back if necessary.

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Home Phone Options

Explore the package that fits your Alaska home phone needs.

Residential Phone Service


Home Phone

Home Phone


Home Phone Plus

Home Phone with Caller ID & Choice of 9 Calling Features

Long Distance


Unlimited Talk

Unlimited In-State and Out-of-State Long Distance


Straight Talk

12¢ per minute for out-of-state and in-state. No monthly fee.

(*Prices exclude taxes and surcharges.)

Home Phone Features Price List

Caller ID & Caller ID Blocking Features

Caller ID Name

Caller ID Number

Caller ID Name & Number

Anonymous Call Rejection (*77)

Selective Call Acceptance (*68)

Selective Call Rejection (*60)

411 Block

Toll Deny

Collect Call Block

Third-Party Toll Restriction

Caller ID & Caller ID Blocking Features

Call Forwarding


Call Forwarding-Busy Line


Call Forward-Don’t Answer


Call Forward Remote Access


Multiple Simultaneous Call Forward


Remote Call Forward


Ring Anywhere


Selective Call Forwarding


Caller ID & Caller ID Blocking Features

Call Transfer

Call Waiting Display

Continuous Redial (*66) Unlimited Use


Deny Origination


Deny Termination


Enhanced Call Waiting


Last Call Return (*69) Unlimited Use


Personalized Ring


Revertive Dialing (Intercom)


Speed Calling


Three-Way Calling


Voicemail Package Price List

Voicemail Packages

Vital Voicemail


Web Access Voicemail


Routing Box Voicemail


Gold Voicemail


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Lifeline Program

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Home Phone Support

Have a look at our extensive phone support documentation.

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