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Membership Benefits

If you sign up for service at MTA, you aren’t just a customer, you’re a member. You’re part of a cooperative that strives to bring our market the most technologically advanced communications at the highest value. You contribute to an organization that cares deeply about the community, and gives back to our local causes.

As a member you also have access to the following:

Scholarship Opportunities

Encouraging and supporting the pursuit of secondary education is one way we demonstrate our commitment to our community.

Annual Membership Meeting

This is your opportunity to participate in your local technology Co-op.

Capital Credits

Since we are a member-owned cooperative, we allocate our profits (the money left over after all expenses are paid) to our member-owners, based on how much each member paid for their MTA services during the year.

Public Meeting Rooms

MTA has meeting rooms available for use by members.

Community Donations

The MTA Foundation believes in supporting the communities and members we serve.

Marketing Sponsorship

MTA fosters technology through sponsorships of local events or organizations.