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International Day of Co-Ops: Rebuild Better Together

July 2nd, 2021

A co-operative (co-op) is a people-centric organization, run by and for its members, that aims to achieve a variety of common goals. For all of us at MTA, we take the “people-centric” aspect pretty seriously. This year’s theme for International Day of Co-Ops revolves around working together to rebuild; working with you, our members, is something we’ve been doing since our inception back in 1953.

Our 100% wholly owned co-op was established with the purpose to serve the communities our members live, work and play in. Though we’ve evolved significantly since then, from a telecom company to the tech powerhouse we are today, this core value hasn’t changed.

Over the past 68 years, we’ve witnessed Alaska transform before our very eyes. The fact is that our great state is currently the most high-tech and forward-looking it’s ever been, and we remain committed to taking every action we can to continue this advancement.

As with any co-op, we recognize that the needs of our members are constantly changing. Because of this, we must remain dynamic to adapt to these changes, while keeping our core values in check.

In the past decade alone, we’ve accomplished an incredible amount to empower our members, and our communities, to live their most connected lives.

We began, and completed, construction on the historic AlCan ONE all-terrestrial fiber line, which establishes a secure connection to the lower 48 and beyond for decades to come. We unveiled an innovative line of products, such as totalWiFi and MTA Shield, to continue elevating the online experience while keeping our members safe. We officially cut the cord on traditional cable TV, ushering our members into a future full of unending possibilities with streaming. We tapped into new markets by introducing extraordinary solutions for residential, business, enterprise and wholesale customers. We even refreshed our brand to reflect our unwavering commitment to innovation.

But as we reflect on all of this success, we owe it to each and every one of our members for helping to shape us into who we are today. Because of you, our co-op truly embodies what it means to work together to rebuild – and we promise you that this will never change.

Here’s to another 68 years (and then some!) working as a unified team to help Alaska continue to evolve.

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