Introducing the New eBill System

All MTA members who want to begin or continue paying online must begin signing up with the new eBill system.

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Tablet eBill Registration

A Better Way to Pay

Cashless Payment

Our eBill system is getting an upgrade, ensuring a hassle-free and improved MTA customer experience. This new upgrade prioritizes your ease of use, making payments smoother and faster than ever. As we transition to the upgraded eBill system, there will be a few necessary adjustments to how you currently interact with our services:

  • Formerly known as Auto Pay, our new system will refer to this as Auto Draft.
  • All MTA members who want to begin or continue paying online must sign up with the new eBill system.
  • You still need to register with Auto Draft after creating your eBill account.
  • If you get have questions at any time, our help section will point you in the right direction.

Required Member Information

All required information pertains to the account holder of record.

CVC & Customer #

If you do not know your CVC (verbal password) and your Customer # (first 6 digits of your Statement #), then call MTA Billing at (907) 745 - 3211 option 1, option 1.


If you don’t know or have access to the email associated with your account, fill out this form:


First and last name of the account holder of record.

Mobile eBill Registration

Benefits of eBill

Cashless Payment

Text 2 Pay

Pay your bill from a text message.

Schedule Payments

Schedule Future Payments

Plan ahead and avoid late fees by scheduling your payments in advance.

Payment History

See Payment History

Stay informed about your payment activity.

Easy to Use

Easy-to-Use Auto Draft

Enable the Easy-to-Use Auto Draft feature to automate your bill payments.

Guest Pay

Guest Pay

Easy to assist other members or family members with their payments.

Clean Design

Clean, Straightforward Design

Design that prioritizes user-friendliness and intuitive navigation.

Coming Soon


Automated phone payment system available 24/7.

Single Sign-On

With myMTA, you have a single sign-on to change your internet plan, see current usage, and pay your bills.


Pay more than one account with a single payment method.

Sign Up Now

We kindly request all members who utilize online payments to promptly set up their financial information and payment preferences in the new eBill system through our registration portal below. All members will be required to set up a new Auto Draft profile; simply follow the steps provided on the login page, ensuring you have your MTA member CVC code, account number, and email address ready of the account holder of record.

Don't forget! You must still register with Auto Draft after creating your eBill account to continue making online payments.

Calling MTA

Need Help?

Call MTA at (907) 745-3211.

You can also review our user guides for additional information:

How To Video

Step-by-step Video Guide to Register and Enroll in Auto Draft (Auto Pay)

Frequently Asked Questions