Not all internet is delivered equally.

Even though sharing is a good thing, you shouldn’t have to share your internet speed with your neighbors.


With MTA, your internet is your internet.

Having reliable, fast internet in our homes and workplaces is an important part of our daily lives. But it can be tough to understand the technology behind your connection.

There are two starkly different ways that most companies provide internet: via cable and via a dedicated line. It’s important to know which way you’re receiving your internet, because the delivery method can directly affect your Internet quality and reliability.

How do cable companies deliver Internet?

When you sign up for internet from a cable company, you’re sharing your internet over a single cable with everyone in your neighborhood. That means the internet speed in your home will be directly affected by your neighbors’ activities.

Have you ever noticed that your internet is slower during certain times, like weekend evenings? That’s not a coincidence. When you have internet through a cable company, when lots of people are streaming Netflix and playing high-bandwidth gaming consoles, that slows down your internet, too. In fact, you’ll most likely only get the advertised speed if there’s minimal activity from your neighbors.

Since cable companies specialize in delivering cable TV via in-ground, neighborhood-shared cables, it makes sense that they also have to deliver your internet via those same, shared cables.

So how is MTA Internet different than Internet from the local cable company? Let’s start by explaining what it means to have a dedicated line.

What does a “dedicated line” mean?

When you sign up for internet service from MTA, you get a dedicated line to your home. It’s yours and yours alone. You don’t share it with anyone. And that means that you get a constant speed that’s unaffected by your neighbors.

Even though sharing is a good thing, you shouldn’t have to share your internet speed with your neighbors. A dedicated line means you actually get what you pay for. All of MTA's internet plans are powered through a dedicated line.

If you’re tired of paying for fast internet but only receiving slow internet, it might be time to see if MTA Internet is available in your neighborhood.

So, what are you waiting for?