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The rise of esports in Alaska and MTA’s part in it

May 17th, 2018

Esports are growing immensely in popularity, with the most popular streamers having millions of viewers, tournaments being played in massive arenas and people from all walks of life becoming huge supporters. That’s why at MTA, we’re all about encouraging the growth of esports in Alaska with our eUnlimited Gaming Tournaments. And today, the Anchorage Daily News ran a feature about how over two dozen Alaska high schools will offer esports next fall, talking about the rise of popularity in video games within the state and its incorporation into the school system, including at our very own tournament on June 2nd with a separate competition within it just for Mat-Su high school students. Give the article a read, and make sure to join us on June 2nd for Alaska’s biggest esports event of the year at the eUnlimited Gaming Tournament.

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