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MTA Headquarters Receives Green Star® Award for Environmentally-Friendly Achievements

February 26th, 2019

Palmer, Alaska – February 26, 2019 – MTA, Alaska’s premier technology company, announced that its Palmer-based headquarters is the recipient of a Green Star® award from the Alaska Forum on the Environment, highlighting the company’s active leadership in and longstanding commitment to waste reduction, energy conservation and pollution prevention within the workplace.

MTA’s achievements include:

  • Recycling more than 120 tons of wire, set top boxes, electronics, remotes and computers per year
  • Recycling more than 40,000 cardboard boxes per year
  • Recycling more than 25,000 phone books per year
  • Reducing carbon dioxide emissions from 431.1 to 327.8 tons per quarter, equal to a 24% reduction in emissions

In addition to benefiting the environment, MTA’s efforts have saved more than $50,000 in disposal costs and received close to $250,000 in revenue through recycling efforts.

“There are few commitments that MTA takes more seriously than our commitment to the environment and making the world a cleaner and safer place for our generation, as well as future ones down the road,” said Michael Burke, CEO of MTA. “We aim to set an example for our members and local communities to be stewards of the environment, and we hope that receiving this recognition from Green Star® will shine a brighter light on the types of positive environmental practices that will make Alaska and our planet a better place.”

MTA was one of 10 businesses to receive this award at the 2019 Alaska Forum on the Environment, which took place on February 14. Green Star®, Alaska’s only pollution prevention program, aims to reduce or eliminate the volume and toxicity of materials, pollutants or wastes at the source so they never become waste in the first place. In order to achieve Green Star® recognition, companies and organizations must actively address and fully commit to environmental standards developed by the Alaska Forum related to solid waste, hazardous waste, recyclable material and waste water.

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