Rolling Gigs

The Rolling Gigs plan feature is terminated, effective immediatelyNo new Rolling Gigs will be issued.

Existing Rolling Gigs from Prior Periods will be permitted to be used until their expiration; all Rolling Gigs expire 12 months from their respective original date of issuance.  For example, unused Gigs issued in October 2019 will expire October 2020.  For further details and to check your balance or your remaining Rolling Gigs’ dates of expiration, please access:

Upon successfully logging in select “Manage Account”.  To access plan Terms and Conditions, please access: and select “Internet Service Agreement”.

Switch to Unlimited

From streaming TV to voice activated controls like thermostats and appliances, more and more devices in our homes are being connected to the Internet.  The addition of these technologies to our homes has caused customer data usage to nearly double over the past year.  This trend will continue well into the future as new products become available. More data usage increases the possibility of data overages.

To alleviate the stress and cost of data overages, MTA has made high speed, Unlimited Internet more affordable than ever. With a variety of worry-free Unlimited internet plans available, Rolling Gigs no longer provide the benefit they once did.

Avoid overage fees by switching to Unlimited Internet today so you never have to worry about how much data you need. Check out the different Unlimited plans here and call our Sales Team to find the one that best fits your needs at 907-745-3211 (Mat-Su) or 907-694-3211 (Eagle River).