MTA Fortnite League

Welcome to the MTA Esports League Fortnite open season.


Teams meet each Wednesday evening during open season in the MTA Discord at 7:45 pm AKST. Teams run a "Kill Race" format and are awarded placement points and elimination points for reported matches.

Team NameWeekly PointsStanding
The Browser Brothers2841
Northern lights2683
907 Tundra Wookies2524
200 Pump2165
Built Different837

Points and Placements

Once all players have checked in, all teams have 2 hours to accomplish their best three matches in public trios lobbies. Screenshots of the best three games must be uploaded Weekly form, by team captains, as proof of completion. Each game is scored with the formula below, all three games are then tallied, and this total is uploaded and posted as your match results. 

While you are paired against another team on the bracket each night, you are actually competing against the entire player pool for weekly point standings. 

  • First Place - 12 pts (Battle Royal)
  • Second Place - 9pts
  • Third Place - 7pts
  • Fourth Place - 5pts
  • Fith Place - 4pts
  • Sixth Place - 3pts
  • Seventh - Tenth - 2pts
  • 11th - 15th - 1pt
  • 16th - 20th - 0pts
  • Eliminations - 1 point each (Max 5 points per team)

Points will accumulate each week through the 6-week league. 

If a Team misses a match night (no Competitors from the Team competed in the match night), then the Team receives a Score of zero (0) for that Week. At the end of each league night, a Team’s total points will include the Team’s best 3 game scores for all matches in that round or match series (“Week Score”).

All matches must be completed during open league play, during the outlined league schedule.

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Support Through Sponsorship

Over the past several years, MTA’s annual gaming tournament has served as a signature event helping to promote the MTA Foundation, underscoring our long-running commitment to giving back to the communities we serve. The MTA Foundation serves to pioneer a more robust and connected community throughout Alaska with its hearty scholarship program and monumental major grants.