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Local Mission.
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SIP Trunking:
Rapid Scalability for
Growing Business

Serving new and existing customers, and forging connections with partners, requires telephone services that can scale as your business grows. You need a solution that maximizes existing investments while ensuring that every call is answered.

MTA’s SIP Trunking provides telephone services to your IP-enabled PBX phone system, expanding your reach and letting you turn up your call capacity as your business grows. Even when call traffic surges, you have extra bandwidth so that you don’t miss a single call.

What MTA and
SIP Trunking Deliver

Compatibility: Maximize existing investments with service compatible with existing on-premise PBX equipment.

Scalability: Call bursting to handle unexpected surges in call volume.

Simplicity: Make changes to voice channels via software, without requiring a technician visit.

Cost-Effective: Save money with free domestic long-distance calling.

Scalability: Easily increase bandwidth and service levels as your business grows.

Expertise: Leverage 70 years of experience from an Alaskan-owned company with local, always-on, dedicated support.

Technical Specifications

  • Support for call bursting
  • Can be purchased in increments of 10 channels
  • Data connection from existing PBX to MTA service

MTA also offers PRI

  • Voice circuit from existing PBX to MTA
  • Up to 23 simultaneous call paths per connections in increments of 8, 12, 16, or 23

MTA is committed to uncovering and understanding your unique needs. We leverage that information to design and customize solutions for every customer. The result? A connection to all of Alaska and the contiguous U.S. with competitive rates, unmatched local service and cutting-edge technology.

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