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Local Mission.
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Direct Internet Access:
Dedicated Connection,
Guaranteed Bandwidth

Today’s business environment is demanding. You need continuous, reliable connectivity to reach customers, partners and even employees, and your network must enable—not
hinder—as you grow.

MTA’s Direct Internet Access (DIA), delivers the strongest business-class internet connection possible to handle all workloads, with the speed, security, and reliability you need to reach new customers, better serve existing customers and leverage the latest cloud-based applications.

What MTA and
Direct Internet Access Deliver

Direct Connection: Considered your own private highway, DIA establishes a direct line to MTA’s core network, eliminating bottlenecks, improving security and vastly improving speeds.

Superior Connectivity: Experience the difference of low-latency ethernet connection up to 10Gbps.

Symmetrical Bandwidth: Whether uploading or downloading, enjoy unparalleled and consistent transmission speeds—especially important for bandwidth-intensive applications and remote user environments.

Worry-Free Security: Your business receives a unique, static IP address. A static IP makes it easier to work remotely using a VPN and offers more reliable communication when using VoIP.

Scalability: Easily increase bandwidth and service levels as your business grows.

Expertise: Leverage 70 years of experience from an Alaskan-owned company with local, always-on, dedicated support.

Technical Specifications

  • IP over EPL (Ethernet Private Line) Service to MTA core routed network
  • Symmetrical Speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps
  • Dual-homing supported in primary backup configurations with dynamic failover (BGP peering required)
  • Support for static routing for single-homed non-redundant service
  • IPv4, IPv6 supported
  • UNI provided with standard IEEE 802.3 interface
  • 24x7x365 monitoring through MTA’s Network Operations Center and Dispatch Center

MTA is committed to uncovering and understanding your unique needs. We leverage that information to design and customize solutions for every customer. The result? A connection to all of Alaska and the contiguous U.S. with competitive rates, unmatched local service and cutting-edge technology.

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