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Local Mission.
Global Vision.

Local Mission.
Global Vision.

Ethernet for Alaska’s
Business Community:
Faster Performance,
Stronger Security

Every business needs reliable, scalable bandwidth to grow. Your network must support the latest applications, and fast, secure connectivity is required to reach customers, partners and now even employees.

MTA Alaska's Ethernet service delivers speeds up to 100 Gbps to handle data workloads with the security, reliability and scalability you need to connect with new customers, better serve existing customers and run applications in the cloud.

What MTA
Ethernet Delivers:

Optimal Performance: Reduce network congestion, enhance application performance and maximize productivity with transfer speeds from 2 Mbps to 100 Gbps

Reliability: Rely on service that can sense and correct issues and deliver on the most stringent network requirements.

Responsive Service: Talk directly with a knowledgeable support professional at our 24/7/365 Network Operations Center.

Strong Security: Your data remains in-network on its own path, separate from others.

Support for Advanced Applications: Leverage MAN/WAN MEF-approved Ethernet and IP Transport to support the applications of tomorrow.

Expertise: Leverage 70 years of experience from an Alaskan-owned company with local, always-on, dedicated support

Technical Specifications

  • 2 Mbps to 100 Gbps transfer speeds
  • E-Line: connect point to point between two locations
  • E-LAN: connect sites point to multipoint, like an office network
  • E-Tree: MTA manages the traffic as you connect point to multipoint for a hub-and-spoke configuration
  • Ethernet services to the lower 48
  • MAN/WAN and IP transport services
  • Cutting-edge MPLS segment-routed core

MTA is committed to uncovering and understanding your unique needs. We leverage that information to design and customize solutions for every customer. The result? A connection to all of Alaska and the contiguous U.S. with competitive rates, unmatched local service and cutting-edge technology.

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