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Local Mission.
Global Vision.

Long-Haul Transport:
Resilient, Cost-Effective

MTA’s Long-Haul Transport provides a cost-effective, resilient alternative to traditional undersea networks. It supports the continued growth of Alaskan businesses and offers a secure, reliable route to the continental United States – and around the world – that can be expanded as demand grows.

With MTA’s transport service, you’ll be able to connect your network in a point-to-point configuration through a standard Ethernet interface. The result? A dedicated private circuit to carry critical business and enterprise-scale applications dependably, reliably and cost-effectively

What MTA and Long-Haul
Transport Deliver

Resilient Reach: Connect to the continental United States with an all-terrestrial fiber line.

Flexibility: Service levels from 10 Mbps and 100 Gbps with carrier-capacity service levels up to 100 Terabits per second.

Speed: Connect point-to-point with a dedicated private circuit to run applications in the cloud.

Expertise: Leverage 70 years of experience from an Alaskan-owned company with local, always-on, dedicated support

Technical Specifications

  • 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps service with standard 1G/10G and 100G interfaces
  • All-terrestrial fiber
  • Linear network providing direct point-to-point ethernet services between Alaska and Portland

MTA is committed to uncovering and understanding your unique needs. We leverage that information to design and customize solutions for every customer. The result? A connection to all of Alaska and the contiguous U.S. with competitive rates, unmatched local service and cutting-edge technology.

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