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A Message From MTA CEO, Michael Burke | November 13, 2020

It’s clear that the health and safety precautions put in place due to COVID-19 are going to be with us for quite some time. Given this situation, we have adjusted to meet these challenges in a measured, thoughtful manner. A majority of MTA’s employees successfully transitioned to remote work environments and we have modified our procedures as information becomes available, always with the goal of safety first and meeting our obligations as an essential service provider.

With this in mind, we will continue to keep our retail and lobby locations closed to the public at this time. MTA offers a variety of alternative options for members to conduct business with their co-op, that are convenient, flexible and safe. Additional information on these options is available on this website, under the “COVID-19 Updates and Information” heading.

This pandemic has left our community and our state with a level of uncertainty about the future. In trying times such as these, you can count on MTA, your locally-owned co-op, to continue to deliver exceptional customer care, service and products that keep you connected to loved ones, work, school and resources – of that you can be certain.

Stay safe,

Michael C. Burke, CEO