Support the Affordable Connectivity Program

Support the Affordable Connectivity Program

February 26th, 2024
Important Update Affordable Connectivity Program

In Alaska, with its vast distances and numerous remote communities, internet access is not just a convenience but a lifeline. It has been crucial to closing the digital divide by connecting families, enabling remote education, providing access to telehealth services, and opening doors to economic opportunities.

At MTA, we understand our role in ensuring that Alaskans remain connected. Today, equitable access to the internet is the foundation for thriving communities. For many Alaskans, programs like the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) are indispensable; they offer the support needed to ensure that internet access is universally attainable, bridging the gaps created by our state's challenging geography

Millions of Americans rely on the ACP, which provides essential internet access to 22.8 million low-income households. This includes 23,000 homes in Alaska, which impacts about 61,000 Alaskans*. This crucial program ensures affordable internet access, yet, it is facing a significant funding shortfall, and without swift action from Congress, the program is at risk of ending as early as this spring. The potential end of the ACP could lead to thousands of Alaskan households facing steep increases in their internet bills, a change that could push the essential service out of reach for many.

We've witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of the ACP on our communities. From students who've been able to continue their education remotely to seniors who've accessed critical healthcare services online, the stories are both inspiring and a stark reminder of what's at stake. It's imperative to keep these connections alive.

Alaskans have the opportunity to make their voices heard and advocate for the continuation of the ACP to help keep their neighbors connected. Our partners at WTA have initiated the Don't Disconnect Us campaign, providing an easy-to-use platform for you to reach out to your representatives in Congress.

The ACP is a crucial program that ensures all Alaskans have access to the opportunities the internet provides. The potential discontinuation of the ACP poses a significant threat to the fabric of our connected society. We encourage you to lend your support to ensure every Alaskan, regardless of where they live, can stay connected.

*According to the latest census data, there are 2.67 persons per household in Alaska