MTA League of Legends Season Standings

Welcome to the MTA Esports League, *League of Legends open season.


Teams play each and every Monday evening during the open season, meeting in the MTA Discord at 7:45 pm AKST. The MTA League of Legends Season utilizes a swiss-bracket hosted through You can check out the official brackets here.

(** indicates a points tie)

Team NameTotal Points Through Week 6League Rank
The Bruesch Family181
Weebs with Dreams152
Hmoob EDG **123
The Boys **124
Food for Thought95
Free Agent Team - Real hero's96
Soldiers of Dog **68

Points and Placements

At the end of each nights best of 3 series, during the regular season, teams in each series are ranked by round score and are awarded points toward their regular-season standings as follows:

  • 8 rounds, one each league night.
  • Each round is a best of 3 matches against one team.
  • Winners are seeded into the brackets each week based on current standings in the format that attempts to match based on previous wins.
  • Top 6 teams after 8 rounds progress to semi finals brackets.
  • Winning a round awards 1 point, losing rewards 0 points.

Points will accumulate each week through the 6-week league. 

If a Team misses a match night (no competitors from the team competed in the match night), then the team receives a score of zero (0) for that Week. At the end of each league night, a team’s total points will include the Team’s best 3 game scores for all matches in that round or match series (“Week Score”).

All matches must be completed during open league play, during the outlined league schedule.

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Support Through Sponsorship

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