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Local Mission.
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Connecting Alaska & Beyond

Connectivity is the lifeblood of today’s business. Oil and gas, healthcare, financial services, education—these industries can’t innovate with limited bandwidth. They need high-capacity, low-latency connectivity to support global commerce, large data transmission, real-time communication and accessibility for an increasingly remote workforce.

MTA Wholesale is committed to making it easy to do business in Alaska—today and for years to come. We understand that increasing bandwidth demands are inevitable. Your growth is supported and protected by a network that is intentionally engineered to handle mission-critical bandwidth requirements and help open opportunities like never before.

The Alaskan Gateway

The historic completion of AlCan ONE doesn’t just put MTA Wholesale on the map, it positions customers to have a global reach. AlCan ONE is the state’s first-ever, all-terrestrial fiber network that connects Alaska to the contiguous United States, empowering Alaska businesses to expand their influence beyond borders and into new terrain.

Whether you’re an Alaska business or a global organization wanting to access the breadth of industry across the state, MTA Wholesale provides the bandwidth and managed services to boost growth in the Last Frontier.

Network Strength

When you work with MTA Wholesale, you’re not only getting one partner, you’re connected to the most robust network of carriers across the state. You receive the support of a partner with a state-wide footprint and 70 years of experience providing businesses with the tools they need to thrive in Alaska.

Beyond traditional enterprise solutions like Ethernet and DIA, you can tap innovative services like unified communications and colocation. And, with the historic completion of AlCan ONE—Alaska’s first all-terrestrial fiber connection to the world—you’re part of the most reliable, resilient network in the state. AlCan ONE has an installed capacity of over 100 terabits per second, which will expand as demand grows. Providing the state with diverse networking marks our promise: We are building the future of Alaska now to help businesses grow.

Go Beyond

No matter where you need to connect—in Alaska or beyond—we deliver. Our 70 years of experience means three things: stability, flexibility and an expansive footprint. We have the resources to offer carrier-class solutions that are tailored to your needs, backed by the personal support of a locally-owned cooperative.

Boost Performance

Transfer speeds from 2 Mbps to 100 Gbps to reduce your network congestion, enhance application productivity, speed data backups and enhance your united communications performance.

Maintain Business Continuity

Take advantage of a resilient network and the dedicated support of our 24/7/365 Network Operations Center.

Secure Your Data

Your data stays within the network in its own path, separate from others.

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