How to Watch TV Online

Online TV has many benefits like only paying for what you want, watching when you want, no commercials and more.

How to Watch TV Online

For a long time, cable was the only way we could watch our favorite TV shows. Your choice was to either sign up for a package with hundreds of channels that you may or may not watch or to not watch your show at all.

Things have changed a lot over the last decade, and consumers have a lot more choices, especially now that it’s so easy to watch TV shows online.

Why Watch TV Online?

Only pay for the content you want

With the cost of traditional cable television increasing, more and more people are choosing to watch their favorite shows by streaming (or watching TV shows through the internet).

Some of the streaming options are free, and some have a monthly subscription fee, but the monthly fees are still much, much lower than the price of cable (most are only $10-20/month). But overall, most streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Video and Hulu can be cheaper options than cable, because you only pay for the content you want.

Watch when you want to watch

Another huge benefit of streaming is you can watch most shows on your own schedule. Each streaming service offers slightly different shows and movies, but you can watch nearly whatever you want, as often as you want, in whatever order you want.

With cable, you only get to watch the shows the cable channel decides to air. But with streaming services, it’s like having an all-access pass to an entire movie store at your fingertips. You don’t need to wait for a cable channel to air a series marathon – you can binge watch your favorite shows any time of day or night.

Watch commercial free

Another benefit of streaming services is that many of the paid subscriptions don’t have commercials.

Watch content that’s only available online

Many of these subscription streaming services are even creating their own content that you can only watch online. Orange is the New Black and House of Cards are both Netflix original series.

How do streaming subscriptions work?

We all know that cable comes through cable cords, but Netflix and other streaming subscriptions work differently. They’re internet-based, meaning all of the shows and movies you can watch on are delivered to you through the internet.

Most smart TVs today come pre-loaded with TV streaming viewing options like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Video. All you do is sign up for a monthly subscription, and all of the online shows are just a TV remote click away.

Getting content on these services is super convenient. The only difference is you’re usually getting it a day after it’s broadcast on cable TV, but if you’re like most of us who want to watch more than one episode at a time, these subscriptions are the way to go. The amount of online TV and movies you can watch is only limited by the size of your internet plan.

How do streaming subscriptions work?

Just because you’re streaming your shows via the internet doesn’t mean you can only watch them on your smartphone or computer. There are many internet streaming devices that make it so that you can still watch your favorite shows and movies through your TV, and they’re fairly simple to set up.

Some common devices that allow you to watch streaming shows on your TV are smart TVs, game consoles (like Xbox and Playstation), and Roku, and Apple TV.

With these devices, you have access to online TV watching subscriptions like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon video, MTA Stream, Sling. You can even access premium subscriptions like HBO, Showtime, and Starz.

Know your local internet plans

Since streaming services run through the internet, it’s important that you have an internet plan that offers enough data to support the amount of streaming you want to do.

If there are multiple people in your home and everyone likes to watch their own shows, then it’s a good idea to look into whether or not your local internet provider offers unlimited data plans. That way you never have to worry about overage fees.

Unlimited from MTA lets you can watch everything you want with no internet overage fees. Call (800) 478-3211 to learn more about our new unlimited internet plan options.

Happy streaming!

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