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Cool Job Alert: Esports Coordinator

June 18th, 2019

Over the last several years, Alaska has become an emerging hub for esports, even making it into the local school curriculum and extracurricular team activities at more than two dozen high schools throughout the state. 

MTA has played a major proactive role in this rise, with our eUnlimited™ Gaming Tournament having grown into a fixture in Southeastern Alaska. We’ve encouraged the growth of esports through hosting, booking and powering these annual events (with the fourth edition coming October 5), providing financial assistance to students who want to attend and participate, and more. 

As we continue to expand our esports-centric activities and esports expands in Alaska, we’re excited to bring someone onto our team who will help lead this push for MTA, in what is perhaps Alaska’s first official career opportunity in the world of esports.

 We’re hiring an Esports Coordinator – an avid gamer who’s familiar with eUnlimited™, has experience managing multiple initiatives and is ready to help expand esports in Alaska with enthusiasm. If you’re into gaming and want to be a part of something special, this is most definitely the role for you.

Details and application information here.

 We’ve already received a great deal of interest in this position, so we encourage you to keep spreading the word. If you think you’re the right person, please get in touch!

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