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Education is the Key to Closing the Digital Divide

January 24th, 2022

By Wanda Tankersley, COO

Education, at any level, allows us to learn and refine valuable skills that help us in our everyday lives. It provides a whole window of experiences and opportunities that one might not otherwise have. 

In today’s digital age, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education is a vital component to accelerating both technological literacy and innovation throughout our communities. Unfortunately, there can be barriers in place that prevent equitable access to this type of education.

MTA is committed to tackling these education disparities across the communities we serve in order to level the playing field and bring us one step closer to closing the digital divide. A large way we’re able to do this is through the MTA Foundation, which exists to promote technology awareness, economic development and enhance entrepreneurship by way of grants, scholarships and other donations.

The Foundation’s annual scholarship program is designed to encourage students to pursue a variety of educational goals – whether they’re first-time college students, returning students, those participating in vocational or homeschool programs or students pursuing professional development that leads to a degree or certification. The scholarships support these students as they enhance their technology, business and entrepreneurial skills. 

However, the importance of education also extends outside of the classroom. Closing the digital divide across our communities goes beyond just providing access to necessary technology or internet connectivity.

The Foundation also awards grants and donations to businesses and organizations within our communities to not only provide them with innovative technology, but to also educate them on how to use this technology to set them up for success.

To date, the Foundation has awarded almost $420,000 in scholarship funding to help mold the next generation of Alaska’s leaders, as well as over $60,000 in grants to empower local businesses and organizations. We love the community we call home and we firmly believe in investing in education to support members and help bridge this gap. 

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