Board Members’ Conflict of Interest Certification & Disclosure

MTA Board Policy 2.6: Code of Conduct

MTA Board Policy 2.6 addresses the Board Members’ Code of Conduct. Specific language in Section 4 calls for Conflict of Interest Certification and Disclosure, as follows:

Board members will annually, in the month of July, disclose their involvement with other organizations, vendors, or any associations that might be or might reasonably be seen as being a conflict, including whether they have had a financial interest in a bid, proposal, project or contract with the organization within the last two years.

A) Disclosures required by Section 4 shall be in the form proscribed by the Board of Directors.

B) Disclosure reports filed by directors and candidates for director shall at a minimum be:

  • Prominently posted on the organization’s website within two (2) business days of receipt by the Association for twelve (12) months; and
  • For candidates for director, included with the mail-in ballot materials sent to the organization’s members.

C) While the Board may waive minor or otherwise immaterial mistakes in the reports required by Section 4, any serious or intentional noncompliance will result in:

  • The publication of the noncompliance on the organization’s website and in election materials provided to the members of the organization; and
  • In the Board’s discretion, initiation of proceedings to disqualify the candidate or removal of the director under Article IV, Section 5 of the Bylaws.

D) If a Board member discovers any information or fact that indicates another director’s noncompliance with this Policy, then the Board member must disclose the information or fact to the Board in a timely manner.

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