MTA 2021 Election
and Annual Meeting

MTA Virtual Annual Meeting

For MTA’s 2021 Virtual Annual Membership meeting, there were 213 registered participants. The meeting was conducted online, Wednesday, June 2nd starting at 6:30 p.m.  A recording of the meeting can be watched here.

2021 Election Results

The two incumbent Board Directors, Ms. Roxie Mayberry and Mr. Nicholas Begich, won re-election to their seats. A total of 2,718 ballots were cast in the election by mail and online. This represents approximately 8.4% of eligible voting members.  Preliminary election results were announced during the Annual Meeting and are as follows:

Board CandidatesVotes Rec’d
Nicholas J. Begich1,751
Lee Cruise 1,118
Roxie Mayberry 1,993

Therefore, Roxie Mayberry is elected to a three-year term and Nicholas Begich is elected to a two-year term.

Article AmendmentsYesNoPass/Fail
Proposition #1
Updating MTA Name and Articles to Use "Telecom" and "Telecommunications"
Proposition #2
Clean-Up Membership Requirements
Proposition #3
Clarifying Debt Limit
Bylaw AmendmentsYesNoPass/Fail
Proposition #A
Updating MTA Name in Bylaws
Proposition #B
Allowing Electronic Participation in and Notice of Member Meetings
Proposition #C
Improving Director Qualifications
Proposition #D
Clarifying Requirement for Patronage
Proposition #E
Updating Existing Electronic Participation Rules

The election will be certified by the MTA Board of Directors at their regularly scheduled board meeting on July 21, 2021, starting at 6:00 p.m.

2020 Annual Report

MTA is proud to bring you its first digital Annual Report! We are excited to share MTA’s accomplishments, projects, and community investments from the past year. Dive in from any device for a comprehensive look at the topics that are important to you.

Click here to view Annual Report