2019 MTA Board Election Results and Approved Bylaw Amendment

Board Election Results

MTA is a member-owned cooperative guided by a Board of five directors who are elected by the Members.

Two seats are open for election each year. The candidate receiving the greatest number of votes shall receive a three-year term and the second highest shall receive a two-year term. As submitted by the election contractor, Sramek-Hightower, CPAs, the ballot results are as follows:

Votes cast for the candidates:

  • Nicholas Begich: 2,117
  • Thomas S. Newman: 2,283

Therefore, Thomas S. Newman was elected to a three-year term and Nicholas Begich was elected to a two-year term.

Bylaw Amendment

Bylaw Amendment Proposition #1: Formula for Board Member Fees passed with 1,539 Yes votes and 972 No votes.


  • Board members shall not receive any salary for their services, as such, except that members of the Board shall receive a fixed sum for each regular or special meeting of the Board. The fixed sum shall be determined annually in July and shall be 25% less than the fixed sum, paid to Board members of other non-profit electric and telephone cooperatives headquartered in Palmer or Wasilla, Alaska. Board members shall receive reasonable reimbursement for travel costs from their principal place of residence within the Association’s service area for attendance at regular and special meetings of the Board.

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