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How IoT Can Make Life Better for Alaska and Its Businesses

May 6, 2020 | News & Alerts

By Sara Berberich

When it comes to internet-powered technology’s being able to make life easier, we may think of opening doors remotely, setting alarms for us from afar or controlling the temperature of our homes while we’re out. There is even tech intended to catch the pesky mouse that’s been sneaking around your office closet!

When an unwelcome rodent rears its head in your home, a recently-developed “smart” mousetrap will take care of business in a more efficient and humane way, sending an alert to your smartphone and even concealing the grim aftermath for you. (We’ve tested it out for ourselves, and it does indeed get the job done!)

This smart mousetrap is an example of an IoT – or Internet of Things – device. IoT is a connected system of devices and machines that can independently share data with each other and across a network without human input. The system does this through sensors and gateways with monitoring applications, real-time reporting and instant SMS text message or email alerts. When fully connected, IoT can create high-tech yet easy solutions for otherwise complex monitoring challenges.

While we’re glad to be able to catch mice a little easier, our team at MTA has its sights on a bigger priority based on the same concept: building a significantly more technologically empowered community. Out in our communities, we’re ensuring MTA’s business customers are able to increase compliance, streamline operations and maintain product inventory around the clock.

IoT is a fast-growing sector, and one Alaska has lagged behind on – until now. MTA constantly seeks technology solutions that fit best for Alaskan businesses – whether in healthcare, food service, retail and education – and that deliver the same efficient benefits that the lower 48 receives. And we are confident that IoT devices and products can help improve the lives of many Alaskans and Alaskan business owners.


Our IoT product, which we’ve developed and recently launched with myDevices, can measure all types of variables, from sensing doors opening and closing in a small business to determining the chemical makeup of a hospital operating room’s atmosphere. It can measure temperature and humidity and detect motion and smoke.

How does this work from a business’ standpoint, though? It must be pretty complicated, right?

A key element of our IoT product is its user-friendliness. You don’t have to be a tech expert to use it. Operating the product is as simple as scanning a QR code. We’ll send you a gateway and sensor directly, along with access to myDevices’ mobile app, which once all connected can measure the sensors’ reporting in a minute or less.

Our IoT product can improve the lives of Alaskan in three main ways:


Say you’re a school administrator or a manager at an assisted living facility. The safety of your students or residents inside your facilities is vital, so you’ll want to know if a door is propped open for more than 20 seconds. Alternately, a factory manager may want to monitor a recurring water leak in a remote location without physically checking on it every 15 minutes.

Alerts about wide-open doors or leaks in hard-to-access places can be broadcast in real-time over email or text. These alerts can be as granular as you’d like, whether organization-wide or to just a select few individuals.


If you’re employed at a restaurant or supermarket with refrigerated products that require specific temperature conditions, you likely need to log the temperature of your refrigerator on a daily basis. Your mind may not immediately go to an IoT device for this. But, using our IoT product, customers can schedule daily, weekly or monthly reports to fit their business needs or regulatory compliance.


For organizations that rely on supply chains, who can now monitor if there’s a better way to deploy or allocate resources. With our IoT product, another sensor can be deployed to measure components of your business or operations that require it in real-time, such as inventory and resources . These can be tracked at multiple locations simultaneously.

While IoT devices may seem nifty, novel gadgets to many, the possibilities for how business owners and managers can use their innovations to improve operations are endless. Helping those business owners’ find solutions is exactly what we aim to accomplish with MTA’s IoT product. We also strive to make using our products simple — the hardest part of operating this IoT product is learning to use a QR reader. If you can handle that, you can handle this. Plus, it’s 100% wireless.

Whether as small as catching a mouse or as large as making sure your school is safe, it’s time to see how IoT products can help your business. Learn more here.

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