Voice Trunking Services

Scale as needed while protecting your bottom line.

With MTA’s SIP or PRI Trunking, get the most out of your on-premise IP PBX.

What's the difference?

SIP Trunking

Data connection from your PBX to MTA.
The number of call paths, or “channels”, is determined by the amount of bandwidth supplied by the data connection.
Can be purchased in any increment of 10 channels.

SIP Trunking from MTA provides unparalleled flexibility for a location with 10 or more lines. Delivering voice over Ethernet, SIP Trunking offers state of the art communication with rapid scalability and Call Bursting so you never miss a call.

PRI Trunking

A voice circuit from your PBX to MTA.
Each connection allows for up to 23 simultaneous call paths, or “channels”.
Can be purchased for 8, 12, 16,or 23 channels.

Using your PBX, a PRI from MTA is an affordable solution for a location with 8 or more lines. With a dedicated T1 circuit, a PRI Trunk delivers consistent voice quality and security.

Can I make changes later?

SIP Trunking

Yes, without the need for a technician on-site.
Voice channels can be increased via a software change.

PRI Trunking

Yes, with an on-site technician to install additional circuits, hardware, and programming.

What happens when I max out my channels?

SIP Trunking

Inbound and outbound calls will continue to be made.
SIP allows for Call Bursting; an automatic, temporary increase in channels.

PRI Trunking

Inbound and outbound calls will receive a busy signal until the next channel becomes available.

Will they be taxed?

SIP Trunking

IP is a form of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), therefore subject to lesser levels of regulation.

PRI Trunking

Like all telecommunications services, PRIs are subject to various taxes, surcharges, and fees.

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