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Global Vision.

Local Mission.
Global Vision.

Integrators & Resellers

Integrators & Resellers

Deliver Robust Connectivity

Your customers are poised for future growth and innovation. But in order to take advantage of the technologies of tomorrow, they’ll need more from you today: faster data transmission, higher capacity connectivity and the flexibility to scale.

When you work with MTA Wholesale, you get an Alaskan cooperative with 70 years of experience and a legacy of innovation. What’s more, you enjoy high-touch support and carrier-class capabilities that enable growth.


Quoting and service delivery can be cumbersome when you work with some carriers, but with MTA Wholesale, your needs always come first. Whether you have a pressing deadline for a key customer or need a quick turn around on an RFP response, we strive to respond quickly—within 24 hours—because your success is our success.

Unique Routes & Reach

Now is the time to leverage an expansive service area that reaches the fastest growing regions in Alaska. With unique assets in Fairbanks and a network that spans throughout Canada and into the lower 48, your customers can enjoy a reliable, robust connection for years to come.

With the completion of AlCan ONE, Alaska’s first and only all-terrestrial network, you can support customers with a more resilient, scalable and cost-effective connection to the businesses statewide and beyond.


High-touch support with quick response time within 24 hours and a full response inside three business days.


Easily add bandwidth and scale services quickly.


Tap into AlCan ONE, the cost-effective terrestrial fiber network alternative to the aging undersea cables.


Comprehensive resources, including long-term partnerships with local, national and international carriers.

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