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Best Internet Providers and Phone Services in Denali National Park, Alaska

With Denali being the highest mountain peak in North America, it’s no wonder its national park attracts thousands of tourists a year. That is why the people in this region—whether they are simply visiting or living there—deserve the best internet to stay connected to the world. However, this can be difficult due to Denali’s rugged landscape, the tundra, the weather, the small population, and the distance between communities.

Our network stands up to these challenges to provide the vital linkage between Denali’s people and the technology that connects us all together.

For the best internet at the most competitive price, take a look at our coverage map to see if we’re available in your area.

Services We Offer in the Denali National Park Region

The best phone and internet plans for Denali’s homes and businesses, both small and large.

MTA Phone Service

Home Phone

Cell service can be unreliable in certain parts of Denali National Park. Rather than relying on a cell phone, it’s always good to have a home phone during times of trouble.

MTA is there for you.

Whether you prefer the simplicity of local calling or want to explore our comprehensive phone features, including unlimited and domestic long-distance calls, MTA offers a complete package to meet any need. Our home phone plans start at just $19.99/month.

Home Internet

Sharing may be caring, but when it comes to internet services, you shouldn't have to share with your neighbors.

MTA provides internet service via a dedicated line—also known as a digital subscriber line (DSL)—which is yours and yours alone, meaning you never share your internet speed with your neighbors.

We are also proud to offer fiber internet connections in select areas!

Our starter plan is perfect for households that only use the internet lightly. Every other plan offers unlimited data and the option to boost upload speeds, add VPN protection, and more.

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Did you know: MTA laid the first fiber optic cables in Wasilla back in 2015.

Business Internet

Other internet service providers may put data caps on your business plans, but that’s not what we’re about at MTA. We want Alaskan businesses to thrives. Instead, we offer the best internet services at the best prices.

Our Business Plans that are ideal for businesses with a singular location include the following options:

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Business Essentials

perfect for small businesses with light internet needs

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Business Accelerator

great for small team businesses with 3+ employees

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Business Partner

perfect for medium team businesses with 10+ employees

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Business Elite

great for businesses with heavy internet needs, such as public WiFi

Enterprise Internet

For businesses with multiple store locations, we recommend our Enterprise Solutions:

  • Business Enterprise Long-Haul Transport, which offers a terrestrial path to the Lower 48 States, scalability, and enhanced upload and download speeds
  • Business Enterprise Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), a static and unique IP address for your business with scalable transfer speeds
  • Business Enterprise Ethernet, which offers low-latency networking, 24/7 support, and direction, private connections for your business
  • Business Enterprise Internet, which offers four plans for a dedicated internet business line with Partner Perks and totalWiFi™ for business
  • Business Enterprise Phone Voice and Collaboration, a wide selection of voice and collaboration services
  • Business Enterprise IT Services, IT support from MTA and Ampersand (formerly AlasConnect)

Why Choose MTA Alaska?

Still using satellite internet or cable? You deserve better!

It is our mission to improve communications for Alaskans across our Southcentral service areas, including Fairbanks, Anchorage, Healy, Nenana, and beyond. Get the communication package that works for your home or business, including broadband, internet/WiFi, ethernet, and fiber internet connections.

Make the move to MTA Alaska today.