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Best Internet Providers and Phone Services in Cantwell, Alaska

Finding reliable home internet, business internet, and home phone services that stand up to the tough conditions of the Alaskan wilds used to be a struggle. Not anymore. MTA Solutions is the DSL internet service provider that offers reliable business internet, home internet and phone services in Cantwell, Alaska.

Services We Offer in Cantwell, Alaska

Families, students, and businesses turn to MTA Alaska for reliable phone and internet plans at price points that work for them.

MTA Phone Service

Home Phone

Cell phones are a staple of modern life, but they can't always match the reliability of a dedicated home telephone line. Residents of Cantwell will be pleased to know that our phone plans start at a monthly rate of just $19.99. These plans give rural Alaskans their own home phone number and clear connections to the people they love and resources they need.

Home Internet

Say goodbye to dial-up. Our DSL services offer the residents of Cantwell, Alaska, the ability to do what they love, from virtual schooling to working from home to video streaming to online gaming.

Our basic home plan is perfect for households that don't use the internet heavily. All other plans offer unlimited data with plenty of available add-ons, like the ability to add a router pack or boost upload speeds.

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Did you know: MTA laid the first fiber optic cables in Wasilla back in 2015.

Business Internet

The best internet connections at the best prices? It's now a reality for Alaskan businesses big and small.

Our Business Plans that are ideal for businesses with a singular location include the following options:

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Business Essentials

perfect for small businesses with light internet needs

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Business Accelerator

great for small team businesses with 3+ employees

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Business Partner

perfect for medium team businesses with 10+ employees

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Business Elite

great for businesses with heavy internet needs, such as public WiFi

Enterprise Internet

For businesses with multiple store locations, we recommend our Enterprise Solutions:

  • Business Enterprise Long-Haul Transport Get a terrestrial path to the Lower 48, with improved scalability and enhanced upload and download speeds.
  • Business Enterprise Dedicated Internet Access (DIA). Get a unique, static IP address with enhanced scalable transfer speeds.
  • Business Enterprise Ethernet. Get 24/7 support along with low-latency networking, private connections, and enhanced speeds.
  • Business Enterprise Internet. Available in 4 tiers, each offering a dedicated business line. Add-ons include Partner Perks and totalWiFi™.
  • Business Enterprise Phone Voice and Collaboration. Access a wide selection of voice and collaboration services.
  • Business Enterprise IT Services. Get IT support from MTA Solutions and Ampersand (previously known as AlasConnect).

Why Choose MTA Alaska?

We are Matanuska Telecom Association (MTA). We offer the broadband internet and phone services that families and businesses want in Alaska, including Cantwell, Denali National Park, Wasilla, Healy, Anchorage, and beyond. We offer DSL internet as well as fiber optic internet in select service areas.

Choose MTA Alaska today for the best internet services and phone services in Cantwell, Alaska.