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Best Internet Providers and Phone Services in Eagle River, Alaska

Living in Alaska is unlike anything else. It’s a beautiful place, but the weather and landscape can make it difficult for Alaskans—especially rural Alaskans—to get the internet and phone services they need to stay connected and build communities. Or, at least, that used to be the case. MTA Alaska is the reliable phone and internet service provider for Eagle River, Alaska.

Services We Offer in Eagle River, Alaska

For large businesses, small businesses, and homes alike, we offer the phone and DSL and fiber internet plans that work with the budgets and needs of Alaskans.

MTA Phone Service

Home Phone

Cell phones are a staple of modern-day life, but sometimes nothing beats the reliability of a home phone line, especially during emergencies. Our home phone plans start at just $19.99/month, allowing you to connect to who you need, whenever you need to.

Home Internet

We provide internet via a dedicated line, also known as a digital subscriber line (DSL), to all of our customers’ homes in some location we also offer fiber. Our high-speed internet connections allow families to do what they need at the prices they can afford. Online gaming, working from home, online schooling, and video streaming are all within reach of residents of Eagle River, Alaska, with wireless internet from MTA Solutions.

Our plans start at $69.99 a month, perfect for households that only use the internet lightly. Every other plan besides our starter offers unlimited data, and each plan comes with the option to boost upload speeds and add VPN protection, among other features.

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Did you know: In 2022, MTA Foundation donated over $71,000 to local projects and $75,000 in scholarships, supporting Alaskan communities and education​.

Business Internet

Other internet service providers (ISPs) may put unbearable data caps on your business plans, but at MTA Alaska we focus on prioritizing unlimited business internet. We offer the fastest internet services for your business at the best price, with tiers that work for small, medium, and large businesses.

Our Business Plans come in four tiers for business with a singular location:

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Business Essentials

This tier is perfect for small businesses with light internet needs and/or those that have 3 or fewer employees.

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Business Accelerator

This tier is great for 3+ employees to use.

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Business Partner

This tier is ideal for businesses that have 10+ employees.

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Business Elite

This top-of-the-line tier is recommended for businesses that have more than 10 employees and also have heavy internet needs, such as those offering public WiFi.

Each of these plans offers add-on features like boosting upload speed.

Enterprise Internet

If these plans aren’t enough, we suggest exploring our Enterprise Solutions. They’re great for businesses with multiple locations, and include the following services:

  • Business Enterprise Long-Haul Transport. This solution offers a terrestrial path to the Lower 48 States. It is scalable up to 100 Tb with upload and download speeds up to 100 Gbps.
  • Business Enterprise Dedicated Internet Access (DIA). This solution gives your business a stable and totally unique IP address. Your business will also get scalable transfer speeds between 2 Mbps to 10 Gbps.
  • Business Enterprise Ethernet. This solution provides 24/7 support for your business along with low-latency networking with speeds up to 100 Gbps.
  • Business Enterprise Internet. This solution gives you a selection of 4 plans for a dedicated internet business line along with the option to include add-ons like totalWiFi™ for business and Partner Perks.
  • Business Enterprise Phone Voice and Collaboration. This solution is great for organizations that need a wide selection of voice and collaboration services.
  • Business Enterprise IT Services. This level comes from a collaboration of MTA Solutions and Ampersand (AlasConnect), bringing your organization the IT support it needs to thrive.

Why Choose MTA Alaska?

From Eagle River to Chugiak to Wasilla to Anchorage and beyond, get the broadband internet services that work for your home or business, including wireless internet/WiFi, ethernet, and fiber internet connections.

Make the move to MTA Alaska today.