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Best Internet Providers and Phone Services in Chugiak, Alaska

Alaskans, especially those in rural areas, know just how hard it can be to get reliable internet and phone services. Fortunately, the time of struggling to get fast internet speeds or reliable phone services is over. MTA Alaska is the phone, DSL or fiber internet service provider for residents in Chugiak, Alaska.

Services We Offer in Chugiak, Alaska

Businesses and families alike benefit from our phone and internet plans that work with their budgets and unique needs.

MTA Phone Service

Home Phone

Having a stable phone line during times of emergency are important, and nothing beats the reliability of a home phone line. Get that security with one of our home phone plans. They start at just $19.99/month, allowing you to connect to the resources and people you need right away.

Home Internet

Our high-speed internet connections put video streaming, online schooling, and working from home within reach of residents of Chugiak, Alaska.

Our starter internet plan is ideal for households that only use the internet sparingly. Every other plan besides our starter offers unlimited data, the option to boost upload speeds and add totalWifi (MTA’s router-modem combo), among other features.

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Did you know: MTA upgraded broadband speeds for 1,166 locations in Alaska in 2022, enhancing internet accessibility for our members.

Business Internet

Unlike other internet service providers (ISPs), we prioritize UNLIMITED business internet plans. We offer the fastest internet services for your business at the best price, with connection types and tiers that work for businesses of all sizes.

Our Business Plans that are ideal for businesses with a singular location include:

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Business Essentials

This level is great for small businesses with light internet needs and just a few employees.

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Business Accelerator

We recommend this level for organizations with 3 - 10 employees.

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Business Partner

We recommend this level for organizations with around 10 or so employees.

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Business Elite

This level is ideal for businesses with heavy internet needs, such as those offering public WiFi services.

Enterprise Internet

For businesses with multiple store locations, we recommend our Enterprise Solutions, which include:

  • Business Enterprise Long-Haul Transport. This service offers your business a terrestrial path to the Lower 48 States. If that weren’t great enough, it is scalable up to 100 terabits and offers upload and download speeds up to 100 Gbps.
  • Business Enterprise Dedicated Internet Access (DIA). Select this service if you want a static and unique IP address for your business and scalable transfer speeds between 2 Mbps to 10 Gbps.
  • Business Enterprise Ethernet. This service offers 27/7 support, low-latency networking, private connections, and speeds up to 100 Gbps.
  • Business Enterprise Internet. This service comes in 4 available tiers, each offering a dedicated business line. You can select add-ons like Partner Perks and totalWiFi™ for business.
  • Business Enterprise Phone Voice and Collaboration. This level gives you access to a wide selection of voice and collaboration services.
  • Business Enterprise IT Services. This service offers your organization IT support from the joint collaboration of MTA Solutions and Ampersand (previously known as AlasConnect).

Why Choose MTA Solutions?

Unlimited internet services and phone services are here for Chugiak, Eagle River, Wasilla, Palmer, Anchorage, and beyond. Are you in Alaska and want to get the broadband internet services that work for your home or business, including internet/WiFi, ethernet, and fiber internet connections? Choose MTA Alaska today for your internet and phone service needs in Chugiak, Alaska.