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Setting up MTA Stream TV

Roku and MTA Stream TV Set Up

Check out this quick video and instructions below to help you get started with your Roku player and your MTA Stream TV App.

If you already have a Roku account, skip to Step 3 Adding MTA Stream TV App.


Step 1: Set up your Roku account

  • To create a Roku account, go to
  • Click on Sign In
  • Click on the Create Account button
  • Select Create Account
  • Create your account
  • Create a PIN
  • Enter a payment method for any additional Roku apps and features. You will not be charged unless additional features are requested.

Step 2: Activate your Roku player

If you have a new Roku player that has not been activated, connect and set up the device now. An activation code will pop up on your screen.

Enter the activation code at:

Step 3: Adding MTA Stream TV App


You will be asked to log in to your Roku account and select Add Channel.

Step 4: Update your Roku player

Scroll to Settings > System > System Update

Once your device has updated, the app will be added to your Roku homepage and you can now login.  

Login Instructions:

  • Service Provider Address:
  • Enter your MTA Stream account username
  • Enter your MTA Stream account password

You may also view MTA Stream from a mobile device connected to your home WiFi network.

Search for MTA Stream through the App Store or Google Play Store.