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Welcome to Snowday Giveaways!

Sign up for our local, reliable, unlimited internet and enjoy two free months with a chance to win an entire year of free internet. To make it even more fun, we’re giving away extra prizes on each official snow day!

Step into the snow with
two free months of internet

Join the MTA family and enjoy two entire months of internet, absolutely free. It's our welcome gift to you — no strings attached.

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Dream of a
year of free internet

Ever thought about what you could do without internet expenses for a year? When you switch to MTA, you’re entered to win an entire year of free, reliable internet.

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More snow,
more wins!

But wait, there's more! With every official snow day, your chances to win exclusive Snowday Giveaways grow. The earlier you switch, the bigger your chances to celebrate the season with fantastic prizes.

Ice to meet you!

We’re MTA, a member-owned cooperative providing Alaska with reliable internet and dedicated customer support.

We're your neighbors

No, seriously! MTA is located right here in Palmer, Alaska — including our 100% local support center.

Customizable internet

Get more out of your internet with our valuable add-ons like a VPN for every device, faster upload speed, and advanced support.

Low-cost unlimited internet

Our unlimited plans start at $109.99 per month. Get no data caps for less!

How Snowday Giveaways works

Step 1

Complete the form below before February 29th and we'll reach out to help you make the switch.

Step 2

Get set up with your reliable MTA internet.

Step 3

Enjoy 2 entire months without a single bill and wait for official snow days when we give out extra prizes!

Step 4

Get notified if you win a year of free internet with MTA!

Make the switch today!

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