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Welcome to Snowday Giveaways!

Upgrade your MTA internet plan and enjoy two months of upgraded internet at no extra cost with a chance to win an entire year of free internet. To make it even more fun, we’re giving away extra prizes on each official snow day!

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exclusive perks

As a valued MTA member, enjoy two free months of upgraded internet service when you upgrade your current internet plan. It's just one more benefit of being with MTA.

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Your chance to win a
year of free internet

When you upgrade your MTA internet plan, you will be entered to win a year of free internet with MTA! Already on our top-tier plan? Then you're automatically entered to win!

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More snow,
more wins!

The fun doesn't stop there! Each official snow day brings you more opportunities to win exclusive Snowday Giveaways. The sooner you upgrade, the more chances you have to win.

How Snowday Giveaways works

Step 1

Complete the form below before February 29th and we'll reach out to help you upgrade your plan.

Step 2

Get your upgraded internet plan.

Step 3

Enjoy 2 entire months without paying anything extra and wait for official snow days when we give out extra prizes!

Step 4

Get notified if you win a year of free internet with MTA!

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