Rolling Gigs

With Rolling Gigs you can build up and better manage your monthly Internet data allowance and avoid overage fees. This feature rolls surplus data allowances from one month to the next. Instead of going away, the gigs you don’t use now will automatically roll over until you really need them.

How many gigs can I roll?
There is no limit to the gigs of data usage you can roll.

How long will my gigs roll?
Surplus gigs will roll for one year. For example, unused gigs from October 2017 will expire after October 2018.

How much does Rolling Gigs cost?
Nothing. Rolling Gigs is free!

How can I get Rolling Gigs?
You probably already have it. All Residential Internet customers on one of our current, capped plans (Basic, Plus, Pro and Elite)  are automatically enrolled.  Customers on legacy plans equal to or greater than 2M / 50GB are also enrolled in Rolling Gigs.

How do I track my Rolling Gigs?
See any Rolling Gigs from your previous allowance by looking at your statement details or online at My MTA.