Choosing An Internet Package

Using Facebook and YouTube fairly often, but rarely watching movies online.

Typical Internet User


You like to connect with Facebook friends, watch a few short clips, and send and receive photos.

You can get by with 2M and 50GB.


Using the Internet all the time. Likes social media and streams full length movies.

Internet Streamer


You check in with social media often and would find yourself at a loss if you did not have your Internet. You also stream full length movies.

Start with 5M and 100GB. For HD streaming, get at least 5M/250GB.


Using the Internet all the time and has multiple users in the household.

Tech Family


You have multiple users who play clips and games, and stream movies.

A plan with at least 10M and 250GB will support many users.

Manage Your Account

myMTA is a new account management tool that helps you take charge. Customers use myMTA to check their Internet usage and even modify plan selections. Try myMTA today.


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