MTA Stream

Tired of paying for cable TV? Hundreds of channels you never watch? Long-term contracts? Cut the cord on traditional TV – MTA created a solution with you in mind.

MTA stream offers Alaska’s only app-based TV experience. Access to the most popular networks including, prime time TV, Food Network, Travel, HGTV, Hallmark, sports and local news programming at a price you can afford. MTA Stream is an app, like Netflix, or SlingTV that allows you to watch TV on your Roku or mobile devices.

MTA Stream is available on Roku, IOS, Android, most mobile devices.


Pair the MTA Stream App with any MTA Internet Plan for only $24.99 a month for (2) simultaneous streams + $5 every (2) additional streams, and you’ll gain live streaming access to these popular channels:





My Network TV (KYES)



360 North

Cooking Channel

Travel Channel


DIY Network

Great American Country


Hallmark: Movies & Mysteries

Hallmark Drama

PBS Kids

Food Network

Justice TV


Antenna TV

PBS: Create


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MTA Stream Set-up

These instructions will help you get started with your Roku box and your MTA Stream App.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an MTA Internet plan to get MTA Stream?
Yes, MTA Stream is only available to MTA Internet customers. You can pair MTA Stream with any MTA Internet plan, but please note that MTA Stream does count toward your data usage, so we strongly recommend pairing it with an Unlimited Internet plan.
Do I need to have DTV from MTA to get MTA Stream?
No, you do not need DTV to get MTA Stream.
Is MTA Stream content available on demand?

No, MTA Stream is live streaming content. You have live access to local channels. Currently, the MTA Stream App does not offer a recording option, so content must be viewed at the time of airing.

What equipment do I need to access the MTA Stream App?
You will need a Roku Box. These are available at any MTA store. Once you have your Roku box:

Learn how to set up your Roku and MTA stream

Can I access MTA Stream on my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, you can download and use the app on your smartphone or tablet, but it will only stream content if the device is connected to MTA internet. It will not work over wireless service or on another provider’s internet.

Can I download MTA Stream on any other streaming devices?

Right now the MTA Stream App is only downloadable on Roku.

Does MTA Stream give me access to other streaming services, like Netflix?

No. You will have access to other streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Sling on your Roku box, but MTA Stream is an application like Sling or Netflix that you access through your Roku box. Netflix, Hulu and are other services you can choose to watch through your Roku box, but they are separate subscriptions that bill separately, not through MTA.

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